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i love the "butter building" part. it's pretty well done. (one of the best kirby songs) :D and the vocals aren't perfect (singing and word choice) but they're still nice nonetheless. and the fact you applied this to pinkie pie is great. but the ending... (this is my opinion) Why would you make the gory Cupcakes fanfic reference? i didn't mind the party of one part but the whole murder thing ruins it for me :'( I never got into the gory mlp fimfics (cupcakes, rainbow factory,etc.) or any .MOV mlp stuff so maybe it's just me. still on the first part of the song good job. :)

Psyguy responds:

The part with Marx's theme isn't a reference to Cupcakes. There's an entire episode dedicated to Pinkie losing her mind and getting moody. That is her canon personality painted by the people producing the show. To do a song about Pinkie Pie and ignore a major personality trait wouldn't be doing the character justice. There is a very brief reference to Pinkie being on the computer writing a story about Cupcakes. If I didn't at least address cupcakes, albeit briefly, everyone would be left with "Well, why didn't you talk about Cupcakes". It's so infamous that I feel not mentioning would leave a giant void in the viewer's mind. This way we get the whole experience - Happy Pinkie, depressed Pinkie, then the Cupcakes thing, then a joke about "I'm not gonna murder you" with a big stupid grin on Pinkie to take us out.

A bit bland

I can't criticize your choice of songs since i'm a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. The music wasn't irritating to the ear (I'm glad you didn't make some crappy techno remake.)
There were too many long-held notes in the background and it was taken too slowly. You tried to mix too many different melodies at once and didn't do justice to them individually. the harp in Dearly Beloved wasn't bad but the brass swelling whole notes mildly irritated me. Sanctuary was a bit too repetitive in the background structure and your approach was too generic.
Where was that third song in the medley that you couldn't name? I couldn't hear it. I only heard Sanctuary and Dearly Beloved.


From 0:18-0:42 you used a song called "sorrow" by FuNaNdMoRe. Here's the link:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/235120

I do not appreciate the plagiarism, but the song is pretty well made. It would make cave exploring even more nerve racking than it already can be. I also might use this in an upcoming minecraft web series I'm making if you and FuNaNdMoRe both agree to let me.

Kherr responds:

I didn't plagiarize anything. We both happened to use MAGIX Music Maker to make our music. It's a soundloop that we both happen to have. I had never even heard of this person before. Please do not accuse me of plagiarism before you know how the authors make their music. I still have the work file if anyone cares to look for themselves.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I do appreciate the review! :D



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